Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/20

We finally did something on Saturday! Even though I was still coughing and blowing my nose and Tim was just starting to get sick, we still went to an apple festival. We bought some specialty honeys, some pepper/onion jelly, apple liqueur, and 3 kilos of apples, of course. Noah got to “meet” Mickey and Minnie… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 10/20

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Some meal-planning magic + new recipes

Last week, the day before I went grocery shopping, I sat down to write a menu for the next two weeks, and my brain was blank. Nothing. Nada. I decided it didn’t have to be that hard! I decided to try something a friend had been talking about. So I made up a meal schedule,… Continue reading Some meal-planning magic + new recipes

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/13

Better late than never… my computer refused to acknowledge the internet until just now. Thank you for fixing it, computer fairies. We put together Noah’s toddler bed on Friday and he took a nap on it that day. But then he got sick and hasn’t slept on it again. That’s okay because he hasn’t climbed… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 10/13