Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy

It’s the most… won-der-ful tiiiiimme of the year! This month will be our sixth Christmas in Italy. I’m counting last year in that, even though we went home for Christmas and were gone half the month. I mean, we were here for the beginning of December and New Year’s. And while I love almost all… Continue reading Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 12/07

Sweet girl! Also, the great tights experiment worked. I put them under her onesie, so those things weren’t going anywhere! Tim made some more mulled wine… You know, just a little. On Wednesday, Tim and Noah went downtown with some people from church and Nora and I stayed home. It was really nice to have… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 12/07

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Celebrating Advent with a preschooler

This December, I have taken four different lists of Advent/Christmas calendars to make a plan for our Christmas season. Christmas is usually the time that things seem to speed up, right? So why then am I adding MORE to my already-full to-do list? To be honest, I’m not completely sure myself! But one thing I… Continue reading Celebrating Advent with a preschooler

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Letter of the week- I, J, K, and L

I decided to not send Noah to preschool this year and do my own letter of the week program, and it has been an excellent choice. The preparation for the activities each week is sometimes a little stressful, but it’s definitely worth it. I have also discovered that not all letters are created equal. There… Continue reading Letter of the week- I, J, K, and L


Thanksgiving weekend

Happy Monday! Our Thanksgiving weekend was pretty different from most people’s, being far away from family, but we still enjoyed it. It was uneventful and relaxing, and in the best way possible. Tim came home early on Wednesday and made mulled wine. It made the house smell amazing and was perfect for Thanksgiving. And let’s… Continue reading Thanksgiving weekend