Potato-less gnocchi + eggplant that doesn’t suck

Wait, what? Potato-less gnocchi? Is that even a thing? Yup! Turns out that gnocchi is older than America, and America is where potatoes came from. So before potatoes came to Italy, people just used flour and water to make gnocchi. Friday night, the kids and I (Tim ended up working late) went to another Neapolitan… Continue reading Potato-less gnocchi + eggplant that doesn’t suck

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/12

My birthday was at the beginning of September, but with two trips (plus one work trip for Tim) that month, it never got celebrated. Until last weekend, that is! Tim and Noah made a pan of trashed-up brownies, which were delicious, and I got candles and was sung to. Better late than never, right? Sorry… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 10/12