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Noah’s big adventure book and more

Noah has become obsessed with looking at pictures (mostly of himself). He would go flipping through his unfinished baby book constantly and is always asking to look at the pictures on our phones. We thought about getting him one of those kiddie cameras off Amazon for his birthday, but they seemed more like toys than… Continue reading Noah’s big adventure book and more

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 07/13

Tim rode his motorcycle over the weekend and left his gloves sitting on a chair. Noah apparently decided that he needed extra protection on his tricycle. I don’t know if you’ve been reading my blog long enough to remember the rude guy in the library (not a librarian) who chewed me out because Noah was… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 07/13

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 07/06

Nora’s getting interested in toys! I was holding a rattly toy over her and she stared and cooed for half an hour. This is Noah’s dream: he desperately wants someone to play with. (Noah: “Hey, that mine sister! I love that picture!”) You know how I’ve been really slow about reading books lately? Well, I… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 07/06