My favorite quilt

In addition to what I am currently working on, I want to also share the stories behind some of my favorite quilts. One of my absolute favorite quilts is the one I made for myself and my husband when we got married. I went to visit my mom in California over spring break and we stopped at the fabric store on the way home from the airport. I picked out fabrics in yellows and blues and we got to work. We arrived in the middle of a spring snow storm, which is perfect weather for sewing a quilt.


It was by far the largest quilt I have made. I would call it an “oversized queen”. We had two sewing machines going, and when we spread it out, it took up the entire living room. The cat kept taking a nap in the middle of the project and the poor dogs were banned from the house until we finished. We had a minor freak-out when we realized our math was wrong and it was going to be too short, but it ended up working out without sending my uncle to the fabric store and hoping for the best.

The squares are large, and it is finished with yarn ties. But the colors are stunning and the quilt is really warm (I’m always cold). Our wedding colors were blue, yellow, and white, which are our favorite colors. My husband hadn’t seen it before we got married, but he loved it! My favorite fabric is the one in the lower left-hand corner, which is navy blue with yellow stars. It is the perfect combination of attractiveness and practicality, made just to suit ourselves. Perfection!



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