A t-shirt quilt


One of my favorite quilts was a t-shirt quilt I made for a friend. My husband and I were living in Bahrain at the time, and he met somebody at drinks one night who mentioned she wanted a t-shirt quilt made. My husband mentioned that I made baby quilts, so maybe I could make her quilt, too. He apparently had no idea how different it was. But I looked it up on the trusty ol’ internet and figured I could do it. It turned out that the girl was my neighbor (such is life on a really small island!) and we became good friends even beyond me turning her plastic grocery bag of t-shirts into something completely different.

This quilt was challenging in all aspects. My yardstick was in storage, so I was measuring the 15 inch squares with a 12-inch ruler. I didn’t have a white colored pencil for the dark shirts, so I used a crayon (not as easy as it sounds). The iron that came with the house was temperamental and burned one of the kitty feet on the green square. I had never sewn on jersey knit before. I ran out of interfacing and had to order it from the States, which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. But I loved it. It was so much fun and so satisfying when it was done. My friend loved it! See?


Better than that, I ended up with a new friend and succeeding despite not really knowing what I was doing until I finished!

P.S. Don’t mind the crazy Middle Eastern living room. The tassels on the pillows and the Aladdin chandelier just made it that much better.



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