Twin Quilts

My brother and sister-in-law had twin baby girls just before Christmas. And since I had made blankets (a tied fleece and two quilts) for their three boys, I figured I should make quilts for the new babies. I got the idea for an owl pattern after staring at a one-eyed owl on my boppy pillow for HOURS on end.


The body is one big squareish circle,  with the wings appliqued on. The whole thing is then appliqued onto a 9 1/2″ square. The eyeballs are white felt, with the eyelids embroidered on; the beaks are also felt. I sewed on the eyeballs and the beaks after the rest of the owl had been sewn on to the background. That kind of tacks down the middle of the owl to the square. Every owl is a little different, with slight imperfections, but I love that about this quilt. Shouldn’t every quilt have an imperfection or two? It makes it unique, a labor of love.


There are 18 different fabric combinations (a good scrap buster!). The twins are fraternal, not identical, so one quilt is pink and one is purple. I just randomly chose who got which quilt, but then I found out that the twin I gave the pink one to always gets dressed in pink and the twin who got the purple one gets dressed in purple. I guessed right!


Before these quilts, I had always only ever sewed in straight lines. These were not as difficult as I had expected, but they were still a challenge. The experience definitely helped me get over my fear of sewing curved lines. Well, not completely, but I’m on my way!


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