A Quiet Book

Because I didn’t have enough to do around Christmas, what with craft fairs and twin quilts and all, I made Noah a quiet book. In fact, I wanted to give it to him as a Christmas present, so I was sewing together the binding in the car on the way to Portland for family Christmas! Talk about cutting it close.


A lot of quiet books are for slightly older kids and have puzzles or activities, but this is more of a “touching book”. It is really tactile, with lots of bright colors and different textures. It took a while to make, but I had a lot of fun buying weird materials at the fabric store and raiding my mom’s button jars.

The first page is an owl, because I was so excited about how the twin quilts were turning out. This owl has wings made from fleece.


Then came the sheep. I cut it out from left over terry cloth, the head and legs are just regular black fabric. The grass is green felt, and I put the flower ribbon under so he has a reason to pull the grass back!


This giraffe is made from some brown velour that my mom found lurking in a box. Isn’t that what fabric scraps do?


Then come the two pages that have moving objects. They are back to back so I could sew down the ends of the yarn just to make doubly sure they don’t pop out. These fish swim back and forth. Pinterest for the win!



Then I raided my mom’s button can(s)! The one in the bottom right hand corner has pokey things on it; that one is Noah’s favorite.


This page was when I got some very odd looks at the fabric store. But the metaly looking stuff is definitely a favorite. Maybe because it’s shiny. This page had to be hand sewn, so I did it while watching insipid Christmas movies. There are an awful lot of those on Netflix.


And please don’t laugh at me, I was attempting to make a lion, but it came out looking like Garfield got stuck in the ribbon basket. Oh well. The ribbons are cool.


This butterfly’s wings flap. Blue on the front, green on the back.


And finally, a bunny! He is white felt, with pink terry cloth for the ears.


This was a huge undertaking, but totally worth it. I mean, Noah almost made it all the way through church on Sunday! If I ever get bored, I have a bunch of ideas for a toddler quiet book in the back of my mind. We’ll see about that, eh?


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