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Let’s try something new…

Noah just had his first birthday. Hooray! He is such a little lovey bunny, and it’s so amazing to see how he is changing and learning new things almost every day. However, I have discovered over the last year that it is so easy to completely devote all my attention to Noah and his needs, that I forget about myself. Then I get run down, depressed, and generally dissatisfied with life. Throw in there a huge move, and it’s recipe for what feels like the complete loss of me. Maybe I’m being a little over-dramatic. Or maybe not.


We lived here in Italy a few years ago, but I was at a completely different stage of life then. I was teaching- i.e. talking to adults and kids every day and had a reason to get dressed in the morning. This time, though, with a kid in tow, I find myself struggling to find a group and make friends. Trying to maneuver around his crazy sleep schedule makes it hard to go anywhere. Sometimes I miss talking to somebody who communicates through more than crying, babbling, and spit bubbles.

Anyway. One day when we were living in a hotel, waiting for our stuff to get here, I had the urge to do something creative. That, and Noah got two teeth in one day and the end of my rope was way behind me. So I ran to the store and got myself a Good Vibes adult coloring book. It is super cheesy, but it was the only one they had. As I worked my way through a page, I started to feel better.

Last week, I started a new page with the saying “Bloom where you’re planted”. As I colored, that really struck me. This phase of my life is where I have been planted for now. It is up to me to bloom, to make the best of it. Enjoy Noah’s childhood. Do things I enjoy. Work on being flexible. Know that it won’t be like this forever, but make the best of NOW.

I decided I really loved that phrase. As I colored the big flower, my mind began working double time trying to figure out a quilt pattern. Seriously, brain. I tried a few different ideas, but I ended up turning to Pinterest because I didn’t know how to do what I was imagining. That led me to a tutorial for English paper piecing. It’s a method of applique that uses pieces of paper as  pattern for basting quilt pieces.

Then they get pinned, sewed on with the machine, and the basting stitches pulled out. It looked simple enough, but I still mulled over it for a few days. Because that’s what I do.



But on Saturday, I decided to try it out. It truly is simple, even for pieces with curved edges. Sure it takes a little more time, but it is totally worth it. And the basting is something I can do anywhere. Maybe I can find a group of quilters to do it with. Those are my people.


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