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Texas Star

This could be sub-titled “On finishing what you start”. 11 years later.



In 2004, I was home on summer vacation from college. The pink walls of my room just didn’t fit my personality anymore. I had also broken up with a long-term boyfriend and wanted to change something. So I convinced my parents to let me paint my room yellow, with green trim. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have messed with the trim.  My parents hated it and made me repaint it when they sold the house. Anyway, I loved it. So bright! So cheery! But my walls ended up being kind of bare because most of my former pink-themed decorations looked terrible. So I got the idea to make a quilted wall hanging that was rainbow-ish. I borrowed a book from a friend and chose the Texas Star pattern.

I got all the pieces cut out and sewed together the red star. Then I went back to school. The project got put in a box. It got put into a different box. It moved with me. It went to storage. Finally last year, I decided enough was enough. Time to finish this project! Also, it would look awesome over a crib and I was in full-on nesting mode. Of course it didn’t take as long as I had expected it to. It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. Why was I stalling? Who knows.


I think my original idea was to have four separate squares in a grouping, but I got lazy and ended up making one big long hanging. I found the centers of the stars to be a little boring, but a coordinating button was perfect. It made it young and fun and perfect for a baby room. I’m so glad I finished this project!


Do you ever stall on projects and take years to finish them?


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