What I’ve been pinning

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, or at least save them on there so I can find them again. I save all sorts of things, not just sewing stuff. So once a month, I will share with you what I’ve been pinning.


This blog post about English paper piecing. I didn’t use this exact flower, but it’s the method I used to make the Bloom Where You Are Planted block.

This t-shirt quilt. I have about 80 of my friend’s shirts that are awaiting quilts. I need to get started on that!



These summer crock pot recipes.

Crazy Cake. Noah is allergic to milk, so I used this as his birthday cake. My husband made it because I was having a Mommy day, and it didn’t come out great. No matter, he had fun playing in it and didn’t really eat it anyway. I will have to try again.

A buzzfeed article about meals to make with a rotisserie chicken? Excellent. Italians love their chickens. In fact, there are shops that only make rotisserie chickens.


Zucchini muffins for Noah. This diary allergy is really throwing me for a loop. I have no idea what to feed this kid! Who, by the way, eats like a horse. These muffins were easy, turned out great, have no dairy, and now there’s a bunch in the freezer.

Blender pancakes. See above.

This graphic. We are mostly past the rabid chipmunk and on to the holy molars. I can’t wait for the fangs. Looks fun.




I have a bookcase I’ve had since I was a kid and it has been through so many moves, I think the time has come to spruce it up. I have the paint and everything, I just need to empty it and get cracking. I particularly love how the inside of this one is a different color than the outside.


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