Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 8/05

photo (1)

  1. That is my view when I’m sewing. It’s hard to get stuff done sometimes.
  2. My original goal for this blog was to share the stuff I’ve sewn and hopefully get some customers. However, I decided I needed to start blogging with more regularity (more on that another day) and I was quickly running out of things to write about. I don’t sew that fast! But then I realized this blog is still a baby, and it has its whole life ahead to be whatever it wants to be. So I’m adding in some lifestyle-type posts, including a new Friday’s Pieces, which is a look into some of the week’s happenings. That’s the short version, you’ll get a longer version another time.
  3. Last week, it was so hot the ground under the floor in the hallway expanded. We were just sitting in the living room and the floor exploded in an eruption of shattering tile. That finally got fixed and hopefully it won’t happen again. Then, a couple days later I was trying to close the screen door and the top track fell on my head. What is happening to our house?
  4. Noah does this muttering thing when he’s upset that I swear sounds just like baby swearing.
  5. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I am just starting to watch Friends. Talk about a cultural journey. What were the fashionistas of the 90’s thinking?
  6. This week the main project is to renew my teaching certification. This is the second time I have done it, so that means I graduated college 10 years ago. Where has the time gone?
  7. I have had the slowest, mildest cold for almost two weeks. It isn’t bad, it’s just annoying and will not go away.
  8. About a month ago, we were scrambling around getting ready to go to the airport for a tw0-week vacation in Greece. My husband had a half-eaten banana that he put on the table and forgot about. When we got home, the banana had obviously gone bad, but the juices ate away the coating on the marble table. Now we have a white banana shape permanently on our table. Let’s just say it looks like something else.
  9. I made this carrot orzotto for dinner last night. It was easy, and a huge hit with everybody in this house. You should make it, too!
  10. Did anyone else’s kids get teeth and suddenly turn into a busy, busy beaver? Noah has been busily chewing on his crib and he was starting to get to where splinters were starting to form. I did some googling, found some odd solutions, and then came up with a great idea. Stay tuned next week for my solution!

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