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A scrappy quilt

I mentioned that I made a Noah’s Ark quilt once we decided on the name Noah. However, it was the second quilt I had made for him. The first was a scrappy quilt. Those quilts are the kind that you make when you use scraps from other projects, and don’t necessarily stick to a single color palate. For this quilt I only had to buy the pirate ship boarder and material for the backing, which both came off the sale table. Everything else came from my stash. Insert wide-eyed emoji here.

I used solid triangles and patterned triangles to make squares. It actually took a lot of planning to make sure each patterned color went with each solid color. Of course yellows look great with black, but I had to remember to put them with the blues, whites, and greens, too. Then of course putting it together was like a giant puzzle. It took days and I had to call in reinforcements (Tim) to help. This red can’t be by another red! Too many polka dots next to each other!


This quilt has 150 squares. It was originally going to be smaller, only 100, but then I decided it should be bigger so he could use it longer. I mean, I could take a nap under it, so I figure it should fit a toddler bed. Each patterned material was a square I cut in half diagonally, so every fabric is only in two squares. That means I found 75 unique fabrics. I may have a hoarding problem.

One special thing about this quilt is that it was the first one I ever machine quilted in an actual pattern (instead of just around each block). There is a quilted pattern following the zigzag of the black and white blocks. I ALWAYS tied quilts like this, but that seemed like it would be an endless project. In the end, the quilting turned out to be so easy, I chided myself for being so scared of it!

I think one of my favorite parts of this quilt is the black blocks and the pattern they create. I chose black because it was what I had, but it ended up taking this quilt from nice to dramatic. And of course, in order to get 75 different fabrics, I have leftovers from not just my own projects, but also scraps from stuff my mom made when I was a kid and even a few from her own childhood!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a colorful quilt?


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