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What I’ve been working on

Admittedly, I haven’t had much time to sew lately. I’ve been trying to get out more and Noah has been pretty needy. Molars are no joke. More than that, he is into everything! He hasn’t been much into being contained in a playpen. Cruising is fun! Exploring is awesome! Can I crawl into the fireplace?

So this is what my workspace looks like right now. Scary, right? Note the unused playpen on the right.

photo 1.JPG

Obviously, it’s too boring to work on just one project at a time. Here’s what’s going on in that picture.

  1. T-shirts for a quilt. They are organized by if I am using the backs, fronts, patches, or I can’t remember what to do with them since we talked about this back in February. I was measuring them and writing it down so it made it easier for when I finally start cutting.
  2. I finished two more Bloom Where You are Planted squares! Under the spool of thread is a nice little pile of more pieces cut out for other flowers. photo 2.JPG
  3. Finally, on the left is a pile of beanbag doorstops. Electricity in Italy is pretty expensive, so we don’t use our air conditioners on an everyday basis. We are kind of up on a hill and get a pretty good sea breeze, so we just use that to keep the house cool. But with all those cross breezes, the doors are always slamming. So we have all sorts of random stuff that gets shoved in front of the doors to keep them open. I decided that having a nice beanbag would be way better than dirty laundry or unused medical ice packs. Unfortunately, I ran out of beans, so I had to wait until I went back to the grocery store to finish them. The turtles are obviously for Noah’s room. Also, since they will be on the floor and being nudged back and forth with feet, they are closed with velcro, so the beans can be taken out and the bags 3.JPG

Clearly I need another project.


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