Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 8/19


  1.  I really love that picture, but it looked way better on my phone. Use your imagination, please.
  2. This week found me googling “baby flails during diaper change”. By flails, I mean screams, rolls, launches himself backwards, etc. Unfortunately google wasn’t very helpful. I already do the distraction with a toy thing, but usually they end on thrown with great force onto my foot. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  3. Monday was the Italian holiday Ferragosto, the feast day for Mary. It is one of the most important holidays of the year, and Italians start celebrating (read: going on vacation) for the week or two before. A lot of people celebrate with fireworks, so I saw some pretty good shows from my front yard. In the late afternoon, there were also several of those planes that pick up water and dump it on fires flying over my house, so I’m thinking somebody’s daytime firework show went wrong. Oops!
  4. The what I’m working on post on Wednesday actually motivated me and I started cutting some t-shirts up! Then since they will all be different sizes, I figured I should make sure they all fit before cutting them all. Turns out this quilt will be just about queen size.
  5. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the top track of our screen door fell down. Because it was on top of the door, it was kind of a two person job, so I spent all week waiting for Tim to help fix it. We finally decided we just had to drill a new hole. And I did just that, all by myself! It was one of those awesome screws that is designed to drill through metal and it worked fine on the track, but when I went to drill it into the frame, it turns out the drill bit was too short. I have no idea where the movers put our drill bits, so I channeled all my frustrations and successfully used a screwdriver. I have a screen door again!
  6. Why are screen doors so important, you might ask? Because mosquitoes love me. We ate dinner outside last weekend and I got 10 bites.
  7. I made a new chocolate chip cookie recipe from my Cooks Illustrated cookbook (The Best Recipe). They taste amazing, but were supposed to be thick and chewy. They are chewy, but definitely not thick, so I’ll have to try again. Maybe my baking soda is old?
  8. I find myself saying some weird things lately. “Please don’t lick the books”, “Let’s not take trash out of the trash can”, “Sure, you can play with that unopened jar of cinnamon”, “Why are you taking all the clothes out of my dresser?” I think I officially have a toddler.
  9. This week, Tim took the good computer on a work trip, so I have been using my very slow, 6 year-old Dell. Last year the webcam refused to work, so I uninstalled it, hoping that would fix it. My computer then couldn’t find it at all, so I figured it was a lost cause. But then last night, we were skyping with Daddy and I tried the webcam on a whim and IT WORKED. It somehow magically fixed itself. Was it the fairies?
  10. Whenever I tell myself I am going to learn Italian, I have to start over at the beginning because I forget so easily. This time, I have so far been remembering more than I thought I would. There are also things I never could quite understand and just moved on without understanding them (or quit). So far, this time I have already conquered two such roadblocks!

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