Quilting quilts

In the past, I have always been afraid of actual machine quilting. I would use yarn or embroidery floss to tie all the layers together. Here is an example, a close-up of the “wedding quilt”, the quilt I made for our bed when we got married.


The first time I ever sewed (quilted) in the middle of a quilt was the t-shirt quilt I made a few years ago. All I did was sew around the inside of each square, just to tack it down.


Then I made Noah’s scrappy quilt. I thought about tying it, my usual go-to. But then I decided to try something and quilt it. I did the white triangles and the black triangles, and it created a sideways zigzag pattern on the back. It turned out to be really easy and actually kind of fun.


Then I made the Noah’s ark quilt and decided to quilt it. I sewed around the arks and it made a kind of cool shadow. The ROAR fabric is on the back, too, so the quilting doesn’t show up like it does on the scrappy quilt.


Did you see that adorable baby hand? By the way, taking pictures of quilts is way easier when the baby is contained elsewhere.



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