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DIY burp cloths

Probably the most useful thing I made for my baby was a set of 10 burp cloths. I used cloth diapers and flannel, which makes them thick enough to hold up to whatever gets “thrown” their way. Also, the flannel does an awesome job of sticking to your clothes because we all know that babies move around, am I right? And cloth diapers are supposed to be absorbent. And big.

Anyway, I had a friend who bought a set of these from me. She had a spitter. After using these for a couple days, she remarked at how great they were. She could use one more than once! They caught all the spit-up!

For myself, I keep one in every room. They are great for wiping up drool, too.


To make them, I bought a set of cloth diapers off Amazon. I used these Gerber pre-fold. You want the pre-fold, because the center is a little thicker. And thicker is better with spit up. There are ones that are really thick, but I like these because they fold nicely and travel well (read: can be crammed in a small purse or coat pocket).

Then I bought flannel at Joann’s. It is almost always on sale for at least 50% off. If it isn’t, wait a couple weeks until it is. Be aware that some of their flannel isn’t fluffy like flannel should be. If it is smooth in the store, it does not get better after being washed. I tried. So rule of thumb: if it’s fluffy in the store, it will be fluffy after being washed.

I have some pictures, but if they aren’t enough, let me know and I’ll take more!

First, wash and dry BOTH the flannel and the diapers, probably separately, unless you got white flannel. Both things shrink in funky ways. And flannel tends to bleed colors and get lint everywhere.

Iron both the flannel and the diapers. Also very important. The edges of the diapers curl in the dryer like crazy. Don’t worry, they won’t do it after being sewn onto the flannel.

Then lay a diaper on top of the flannel. I used a yardstick to draw a line right next to the diaper. Cut it out. The flannel should be approximately the same size as the diaper.

The RIGHT side of the flannel (the side with the pattern) gets stacked FACING the diaper. Pin all around, leaving 5-6 inches open on one side for turning. Sew.


Take out the pins and use the open space to turn it right side out. Use a pencil or a chopstick to push the corners out.

Then pin all the way around. I used extra pins to keep the raw edge (from the turning) tucked in. Sew all the way around the outside, close to the edge. Make sure the open space from the turning gets sealed off.

Flip it over, and pin along the two pre-fold seams of the diaper. Sew along the seams to tack it down.


You’re done! If you make some, I want to see them, so be sure to post pictures in the comments!



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