DIY: How to make a t-shirt quilt

T-shirt quilts have become a popular way of repurposing old clothes. It is space-saving and useful. I’ll admit, I have several t-shirts left over from my college days that I rarely wear. Can you imagine how much more space you would have if your college t-shirts were not in your drawers? Wouldn’t a blanket that you… Continue reading DIY: How to make a t-shirt quilt

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 9/09

That’s the view from our front yard. The sky was being dramatic. It has been noticeably cooler this week, and the other day it actually rained all afternoon. It was jeans weather and fantastic. I got an email from Goodreads about the new Jane Austen movie, Love & Friendship. I really enjoyed that book, which she… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 9/09