Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 9/02


  1. My handsome boy got his first haircut yesterday. The curls are gone! That is sad, but I’m not sad about the baby mullet going away.
  2. This last weekend, we went to the pool at the US park here. It was the last day before it closed for the season, so we figured we’d take advantage of it. Noah really loves the pool! This time we went in the kiddie pool too and he had so much fun playing in the fountain.
  3. A teenage orange cat seems to have adopted us. I never saw him before last week and now he walks past our doors, looking in, several times a day. Once he realized that wasn’t going to work, he started meowing at us through the door. Maybe it’s fate!
  4. I was looking for a cd to play the other day and found my old Plus One album. I immediately put it in the cd player and was transported back to high school. Never heard of them? They are like a Christian N*SYNC.
  5. I saw this on facebook and I cannot stop laughing. Love it!
    P and P.png
  6. I went to the motorcycle store the other day to get chain grease. I was armed with a sticky note of useful phrases. But I got in there and couldn’t remember how to say “I am looking for…” so I just said “Um… ah… uh… grasso” and the guy said “Chain?”. He was as proud of his limited English as I am when my Italian is understood. Usually I rehearse first, though.
  7. While skimming pinterest the other day, I came across the idea to make a felt board. All sorts of things can be done with that… Mr. Potato Head, cars and roads, shapes, letters, etc. I think that will be an excellent project for next week.
  8. Noah has had a molar trying to come in on the top for quite a while now. On Tuesday, we went for a quick grocery shopping. I forgot the cart cover, so when I wasn’t looking, he was frantically chewing on the cart. Evidently, he chewed hard enough to make his gums bleed. Germs aside, it was enough to get that molar out. Yay?
  9. I almost have all the shirts cut out for the t-shirt quilt I’m working on. Only 3 more shirts, and then I start the fun that is ironing on interfacing. Maybe I’ll get an audio book for that part.
  10. It’s still hot outside, but it’s September now! Fall is coming!



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