Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 9/09


  1. That’s the view from our front yard. The sky was being dramatic.
  2. It has been noticeably cooler this week, and the other day it actually rained all afternoon. It was jeans weather and fantastic.
  3. I got an email from Goodreads about the new Jane Austen movie, Love & Friendship. I really enjoyed that book, which she wrote when she was 14 and was published in all its silliness and with the original spelling mistakes. Reading the synopsis of this movie, though, it turns out to be based on the story Lady Susan, also written by Austen. Sure, they are both relatively unknown Austen stories, but I am slightly outraged that they took the story from one and the title from the other. You can’t do that! That being said, I will read Lady Susan (how have I never read it?) and watch this movie.
  4. We had a babysitter last night and Noah loved her! No crying! I think we have turned a corner? Such an answer to prayer!
  5. I was looking for new recipes to make and found these chicken zucchini meatballs. But when I went to buy ground chicken, the commissary only had organic that was $7.50 a pound. Hopefully the Italian grocery store has it.
  6. They did, however, have non-dairy, non-soy cheese. It is made with tapioca flour and surprisingly, it tastes like real cheese. Noah had his first quesadilla yesterday, and he about passed out from happiness.
  7. Last Friday morning, Noah ended up sleeping until 11 am. We were all packed and waiting for him to get up so we could leave on our trip. Later that afternoon, we realized that his clothes didn’t fit. All that sleeping was him growing and he outgrew all his clothes overnight!
  8. I have a trip to shoe alley planned for the near future. All that growing means Noah really needs some new shoes. We are going to Ireland in a couple weeks and he is so close to walking, so I think shoes are necessary now.
  9. We so dearly love gelato, but we don’t normally get it during everyday life. But vacations… Every time except one we had dark chocolate and a fruit- fig, lemon, strawberry. But that other time, nutella and banana. Can you say amazing?
  10. It seems that it is national sewing month. I should probably make more of an effort to make time to sew!

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