What I’ve been pinning

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest. I may not actually do most of the things I pin, but I hope to get better at that. Here are some of the best things I have pinned this last month.


sewing3So pretty!



I’ve been wanting to do a crazy quilt and this is a tutorial for an easy way of doing it.


Because that’s funny there!


These chicken zucchini meatballs. I’ve always only made regular hamburger meatballs. So why not mix it up? I actually had these on the menu last week, but then I couldn’t find affordable ground chicken. I’ll try again.

This chicken-broccoli-mushroom stir fry I actually did make. It was pretty good, but I’ll have to try it again. I forgot to buy fresh ginger when I was grocery shopping, so I used ground ginger and it wasn’t very flavorful. But it was good enough that I would have it again.

Slow cooker Thai chicken with peanut sauce. Tim said recently that if he lived in any country solely for the food, it would be Thailand. I feel like I should probably make more Thai food for him, and this is made in the crock pot. Win!


Fashion1.pngI bough a chambray shirt in the summer sales and I had to look up how to wear it! This was one of the few pictures I found where the person was wearing jeans and not leggings. Call me old fashioned, but I’m still holding out on the idea that leggings are not pants.


Can you tell I’m excited for fall? Especially boots.


felt1.pngI so want to do this! Ever since I saw this felt board, I have been daydreaming about things to do with it. Some ideas I have found are these cars and roads, a jack-o-lantern pumpkin, and Mr. Potato Head.


I know Noah is a little young for this, but I love it! So, I’m saving it for someday.

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