Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 9/16


  1. I went to this magical place called Shoe Alley today. It is an outdoor market that sells shoes, shoes, and more shoes. I needed to get Noah some little sneakers and the red rainboots jumped out at me. Aren’t they amazing? I showed one to Noah and let him hold it and he wouldn’t give it back. Ok, I guess I’ll buy them. They match the red puffy coat I bought him the other day.
  2. It happened to be raining today, but at least 75 degrees. I had Noah wearing pants and under an umbrella, but his little feet were sticking out into the rain. He loved it! Within five minutes of getting there, one lady warned me that he was getting wet and another told me very sternly that I needed to put socks on him or he will get a fever. Ha!
  3. Being the handy Mrs. Fix-it that I am, I fixed our internet! Ever since we got it, it has been pretty terrible. My phone and the iPad would not stay connected for longer than a minute at a time. I got an iPhone so I could FaceTime and snapchat and what’s app, but I was lucky if my phone would connect to wi-fi once a day. It turns out we don’t need a separate router, so unplugging all non-essential cords did the trick!
  4. A few ladies here have decided to start a group where we just practice speaking Italian. You can know all the rules and everything, but actually forming sentences is another thing entirely. This week we met for the first time. There we only two of us there, but I can see it being infinitely helpful.
  5. I’m thinking about starting to listen to audiobooks. Anybody have any recommendations? Is there something in particular to look for when choosing a good audiobook?
  6. I know I keep saying Noah is just about to start walking, but he really is almost there! That’s why I bought him shoes. We went to the park the other day and he was cruising around really fast while not really holding on. Then last night he saw some dogs at the park and actually took three steps before falling down. I think he’ll start walking when we are in Ireland. Sitting in America, crawling in Italy, standing up in Greece, walking in Ireland…
  7. When we moved to Italy, we decided to try getting by with one car and a motorcycle. Insert hysterical laughter here. We are buying a second car.
  8.  photo-2
    Here’s what I did with that demijon I found on my birthday. A wine cork holder! Funny story, after we moved from Italy 3 years ago, I could not find this package of whiteboard markers I had just bought. I thought the movers stole them, along with the tool bag we never found. When I opened the box that had all the corks in it, there they were!
  9. The weekend ahead is promising to be a great one! Neapolitan cooking class tonight, parco (neighborhood) BBQ tomorrow, and planning our Ireland trip. What are you doing that’s fun this weekend?

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