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Laughing monkeys


A lot of the quilts I make are detailed, but sometimes you just want a simple quilt, ya know? One that is simple, but looks complicated. Because we like tricking people. This one is just that.

I call it the Laughing Monkey Quilt, though it could just as easily be the Blue Elephant Quilt or the Sparkly Fairies Quilt or the Pigs Ears Quilt (our shopping list had PIGS EARS written on it?). In fact, it was so easy and turned out so well that I made two of them!


The laughing monkeys were for a friend’s baby, and the jungle animals were for my nephew. You can use scraps or whole pieces of fabric. The stripes can be all different or all the same. They can go in different directions or all the same way. It will be cute no matter what.

This quilt turned out to be just under 3 ft square, which I have found is a good size for backing baby quilts. I cut the solid squares to be 5 x 5 inches, and each stripe is 5 x 2 inches. The backing is 1 1/8 yard. There are 32 each of the stripey squares and the solid squares.

If you are doing all the stripey squares the same, you can sew long strips and then cut them into 5 inch pieces. Just make sure the length of the long strips is a multiple of 5! If you want them to be different, you can just as easily cut 5 x 2 inch rectangles and sew them together to create the block.

I almost always do self-binding quilts, where the backing is a little bit bigger than the top, so it can overlap and fold over to create the edge. In keeping with the simple theme, I tied the corners of each square with embroidery floss to keep the layers together.

What kind of quilt would you make?


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