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Favorite baby items


We have gone through a lot of baby stuff in the last year. A lot. There are some things we have gotten that turned out to be favorites.

  1. Ciao Baby! portable high chair. It is pretty much a camp chair with a tray and holes for the baby’s legs. Most restaurants here only have high chairs that don’t have a cross bar. My child can slither right out! And that is so not the point. This chair folds up really small and we keep it in the trunk of the car.
  2. Summer Infant rubber bibs. These bibs are amazing. I have two of them. They are super flexible, so they don’t get stuck between the baby and the tray. The pocket catches whatever needs to be caught (food, drool, juice, etc.). Once it gets too dirty, I just wash it with the dishes. It also rolls up into the pocket for easy transportation. I think it was $4.50 at Target. Worth every penny, I tell you.
  3. Wipeable changing pad covers. Not only can you wipe it up if, ahem, something gets on it, but it can just be thrown in the washing machine if it gets too bad. Target had 4 colors last time I checked.
  4. Portable changing pad. It folds up really small and is flexible enough to conform to whatever you put it on (car seat, rock, bench, truck tailgate) because we all know that diaper changes happen anywhere and everywhere. After a particularly bad diaper, I even attacked mine with clorox wipes. Good as new! Not only that, but it was extremely useful during the 3 months when our actual changing pad was in our household goods.
  5. Small umbrella stroller. I bought mine for $3 at a yard sale and it has been worth every penny, plus about $100. It is easy to carry up and down stairs. It folds up tiny. It fits through doors. I can stick it on the bottom of the shopping cart.
  6. Shopping cart cover. Because really, you don’t want your kid chewing on the shopping cart handle. I’m not a germaphobe, but shopping carts are gross.
  7. Munchkin pacifier wipes. You could probably just use a baby wipe for everything, but these aren’t perfumed like wipes. They are made with Arm & Hammer baking soda and are food grade. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually used these on a pacifier because Noah doesn’t really like them, but I use them on seat belts on airplanes, dropped sippy cups, when they left greasy fingerprints all over the car after changing the oil. I always forget them in the car, but you could use them on the shopping cart if you forgot the cart cover.
  8. Board books. Babies love turning pages, but paper rips. Trust me. Also, babies drool when they are interested. Board books wipe up nicely. And because they wipe nicely, take a clorox wipe to second-hand books and you’re good to go! Our current favorites are Bear Snores On, Babycakesand any book that is touch-and-feel.
  9. Diapers by Amazon subscription. Babies go through a lot of diapers. A LOT. Subscribing gets you a discount. Once a month, Amazon ships a ginormous box of diapers of your brand and size to your doorstep or mailbox.
  10. Gerber baby formula. When it became time to put Noah on formula, he wouldn’t drink either Similac or Enfamil. I smelled them and I couldn’t blame him. They are super nasty smelling. We tried Gerber and it is a much lighter flavor  and smell (both regular and soy) and he chugged it right down and never decided he didn’t like it.
  11. Travel formula dispenser. It has three sections that will hold 9 oz of powdered formula. You are supposed to keep it refrigerated once you mix the powder with the water, but sometimes that just isn’t practical. The lid of this container spins around and you can dump powder out of one section while the other two stay sealed. It’s pretty great. It was about $5 at Target.
  12.  Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles. (See picture above) Most of the stuff they make is wooden and really good quality. It is painted with bright colors and encourages discovery. They are relatively affordable for high-quality baby toys. You can buy them on Amazon and at Target sometimes.
  13. Take and Toss sippy cups. Well, really, take and toss anything- bowls, cups, spoons and forks. I had a hard time finding a sippy cup that Noah would use. Most of them you have to bite down on them to get anything out. We like it to be a little more free-flowing than that. These lids have open holes and I made them even bigger with a knife. They come in a 4-pack and I wouldn’t feel bad if one got lost or broken. A travel spout cover comes with it and it actually does a very good job of stopping leaks. Bonus: They’re really cheap, less than $3!

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