Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/28

Noah’s slide came three days ago. He has already figured out how to climb up the ladder by himself. There is some serious slide love going on here. In my ever-present quest for learning Italian, I got a novel that to read. I have the English version so I can do it side-by-side. It’s called I… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 10/28


What I’ve been pinning

I go through phases with Pinterest. Sometimes I find it super inspirational and sometimes I find it overwhelming. Sometimes I spend lots of time finding new stuff, sometimes I think “I just can’t”. I think this was a I-just-can’t month. Even so, here are a few new ideas that I hope will inspire you. Sewing… Continue reading What I’ve been pinning

Working on now

What I’ve been working on

Tim has been out of town for the last couple weeks, so I’ve allowed myself more time for crafting. After Noah goes to bed at night, I’ve been sitting down and sewing or reading and, honestly, staying up way too late. Right before he left, I got this quilting “cookbook” in the mail. The premise… Continue reading What I’ve been working on