Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/07


  1. We got to the Cliffs of Moher just as the sun was breaking through the clouds and going down. The light was amazing! But the cliffs, they are just so spectacular! We did a 5.5 km hike along the edge of the cliffs a couple days later and that was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. We also highly recommend one of those hiking/baby backpacks.
  2. When we got back from our trip, we got to pick up our second car (the previous owner left while we were gone). What can I say, having two cars is great!
  3. We got the opportunity to have dinner with a friend we knew last time we were here in Italy. He is in town for work. It was great to see him! I made these creamy crockpot layered enchiladas and they were great.
  4. I am so excited about the quilt cookbook I wrote about the other day. I’ve even gotten a block done! It isn’t the best, but it’s good practice. I really think I will learn a lot from this book!
  5. So Noah didn’t learn how to walk in Ireland, but he did learn how to wave. It started out as the “bless you” wave, but then he started moving his fingers. He charmed the socks off those Irish ladies! A proprietor of one of the B&B’s we stayed in taught him how to clap and now he does it all the time.
  6. One night we went to a pub for dinner and traditional music. Noah loved it and bobbed his head to the beat. Everyone in the pub, including the musicians, kept watching him and saying “Awwww!”
  7. I know, I know, two recipes in one post? But seriously, you have to try this Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous. It is one of our favorites. It’s fast and easy and so flavorful! Note: I use raisins instead of prunes. Gotta keep those diaper explosions to a minimum.
  8. It is definitely feeling like fall now. I’m so excited because for several years we lived in places that didn’t get fall. What is your favorite fall tradition?
  9. It’s been raining every day, but if it stops long enough, I want to finally paint my bookshelf. Books are wonderful and they need a pretty home to live in, right?
  10. I plan to spend my Friday night watching The Office and drinking hot chocolate. What are your plans?

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