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DIY quilted bibs

A few years ago, an acquaintance at school was having a baby. I didn’t necessarily want to make her a quilt, being an acquaintance and all, but I wanted to give her something. Some pinterest searching gave me the idea to make bibs. I found a pattern that turned out to be so easy! Once I’d made a couple of them, I discovered that I could slap together one of these puppies in less than half an hour.

A step-by-step tutorial with pictures and the pattern can be found here. The best thing about these bibs are that they are absorbent. And big. Because drool. One tweak I made was that most of the bibs I made had terry cloth as the backing. It makes a huge mess when you are making it, but I think it’s more absorbent than batting and more cotton. That’s kind of what this is all about, right?

It is also a great pattern to be creative. The first ones I made were patchwork; I sewed together strips and then used that “new” fabric as the front of the bib. Then I made ones with neckties and bow ties. I made “little black bibs” with pearl necklaces. I made them out of flannel to match the burp cloths. I put Santa beards and Mrs. Claus aprons on them. I have pinned picture after picture on pinterest of boats and whales and hearts and birds, just to put on bibs. I love them.


So come on, crafty people, go make some bibs!



One thought on “DIY quilted bibs

  1. Very cute! I love quilted bibs. In fact, I was JUST thinking this weekend about trying one as I’ve been sewing bibs for my little one lately, but hadn’t yet attempted quilted. Thanks for the inspiration!


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