Goals checkup


It’s been 2 months since I posted about my goals for this year. So I guess it’s time for a checkup, right? Also, I’m hoping that by doing this, it will hold me accountable. There are some that still need some work! I do feel so blessed that I am able to stay home with Noah  and also take the time for some self-improvement.

Daily devotions. I’m seeing a pattern here- I get in the habit and then we go on vacation and I lose it again. I have been doing them in the morning, and I try to do it before Noah wakes up, but on vacation, we are in the same room and he tends to wake up earlier. We come home and I am out of the habit. I think maybe I need to find a different time of the day to do devotions.

More cooking. I have definitely done more new recipes, but I haven’t yet started on the baking side of “more cooking”. Can I blame summer for that? Now that it is fall, I’m okay with turning on the oven and I plan to start trying new breads and casseroles. Also, we are buying a chest freezer today, so I’ll be able to do mass meal prep.

Sewing and blog. Except for vacations, I’ve been pretty consistent with the blog, so there’s that. Sewing, not so much. Nap time has gotten shorter, and I find myself doing all my chores and eating lunch and then it’s over! I was a little chagrined when I read the about the author of that quilt cookbook and saw that she has four kids. Four kids, and she still has time to sew AND write a book. So I guess this goal is really an issue of time management.

Pilates 3 times a week. Ha ha. I’ve done it maybe five times. I went to the fitness yurt in the park once and I’ve walked around the park a few times. I think of all my goals, this is the farthest from being accomplished.

Read 100 books. Well, I am definitely reading, but unless my house becomes self-cleaning and my child self-entertaining, I’m probably not going to make 100. But that’s okay. I really just wanted to know how many books I read in a year. One thing it has done is that I more often make the decision to just sit down and read. By sharing what I’m reading on this blog, it is also encouraging me to branch out and read different kinds of books. I’ll count this as a success.

Get conversational in Italian. I am so bad at studying Italian! I finally conquer something and then I’ve forgotten it the next time I study. However, I have started a group that meets once a week and spends time chatting in Italian. With vacations and all, we have only met once, but I have a good feeling that it will be helpful. I really do have a pretty decent knowledge/vocabulary base, I just need confidence.

Make mommy friends. Yeah, this one still needs some work. I get pretty caught up in our schedule and what we’re doing at home. But our new, more flexible nap schedule is making outings easier.

Have Noah adventure time. I haven’t really done specific “let’s go on an adventure” things, but we have been going out more. We got a second car in October, so Noah and I have more freedom to come and go now. This is something I definitely want to continue doing.


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