Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/14


  1. We get some pretty spectacular sunsets here in the Mediterranean, mostly in the fall and winter. Something else to love about fall!
  2. The Law of Deployments fulfilled itself this week and the transmission went out on the car. I discovered that, given enough gas, the car starts in third. Good thing, because first and second both bit the dust. Reverse, too.
  3. I found out about a guy who comes and picks up your car, fixes it, and brings it back (after vacuuming and washing it!). Bonus: he speaks English. He’s fast, too. By the time I finally got a ride to the base to get our other car, the first car was fixed!
  4. This week I decided it was time to do a good fall cleaning. I cleaned a room every day and it’s almost done! Doing it that way made it less overwhelming, and I still had time to do other things.
  5. Speaking of doing other things, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is for me to spend some time every day doing something for myself. Spending some time sewing or reading or painting my nails is what I need to not get burned out being a wife and mother. I came across this article and it perfectly summed up what I’ve been thinking. Emotional well-being is something that should be a priority. Chores will still be there later. If I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed, I’m more motivated to do the things that need to be done.
  6. I think I can safely say Noah has said his first word- “yeah”. He was saying it kind of randomly since we were in Ireland (“Is your food good?” “Yeah!”), but he said it in response to a yes or no question yesterday. “Are you done eating? Are you ready to go play?” “Yeah!”
  7. Is anyone else ready for this election to be over? I really just want to see cat videos on facebook again.
  8. I bought a chest freezer off a facebook selling page this week. The freezer on our refrigerator looks like it should be big, but it gets filled up with just a frozen pizza. I plan to start doing a monthly mass meal prep and freezing it. I’ve never really done it before, so I’m looking for good recipes. Does anyone have any good ideas?
  9. I bought a can of Trader Joe’s drinking chocolate mix before we moved and I’ve been having it lately in the evenings. I swear it is more chocolatey and creamy than your average hot chocolate. I love it!
  10. Happy weekend, ya’ll! Looks like we’re going to get some rain the next couple days, so it’s a good time to hunker down and sew and read. Hooray!

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