DIY road playmat

Last Christmas, I made this road playmat for my nephew. He loves his matchbox cars, and this mat was perfect!



I got the printed panel from Fat Quarter Shop and some green duck canvas from Joann’s for the backing. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the same fabric now that I had, though they have a few more panels that look fun. There is also this panel at Bug Fabric that looks like fun. I google image searched “transportation fabric” and “road play mat fabric” and found several good options.

All it takes is to sew the two pieces together! I sewed them with the fronts facing each other, and leaving a little open space for turning. Then I flipped it right side out and sewed all the way around the outside. Finally, I sewed along several of the roads to keep it together.

Isn’t it great? A perfect Christmas present!


2 thoughts on “DIY road playmat

  1. great pattern for kids! Rosebud.. I never did learn how to sew or anything like it..I am a leftie and my Mom or Grandmother (NanaRose) didn’t know how to teach me LOL oh well. More power to ya!


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