Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/21


  1. Wednesday was the perfect fall day to spend at the park. Tim was finally home and had the day off, so we went to the playground and had a picnic. It was so much fun!
  2. This last Sunday, our church started the 40 Days of Gratitude. They are encouraging everyone to post things on facebook they are thankful for using certain hashtags. The last couple week I have been so thankful that we have two cars. #gratitudine
  3. I ordered one of those plastic baby slides from Amazon and it was shipped this week. My busy little boy can’t wait!
  4. It seems like if I make pasta for dinner, I put either tomato sauce or alfredo sauce (which is so not Italian) on it. Noah can’t eat the alfredo, either, so he ends up with tomato sauce on everything. I had a partial can of pumpkin in the fridge, so I googled “pumpkin sauce without milk” so Noah could eat it. I found this recipe, which turned out to be really good! It was super easy, too. It can be made with milk and butter or with coconut milk and coconut oil. I really liked the flavor the coconut added to it.
  5. I started scrapbooking this week and I’m addicted! It’s coming out way cooler than I imagined. It will be so nice to have all our memorabilia someplace where we can see it, instead of in a box. Even Tim was impressed, and he usually rolls his eyes when I do something crafty like that.
  6. Noah has finally figured out how to hold his own sippy cup AND tip it to get water out. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge. HUGE, I tell you!
  7. I have started giving Noah lactose-free yogurts and he doesn’t appear to be having a reaction. I am so glad because lactose-free is so much easier to find than dairy free.
  8. We finally broke down and subscribed to News in Slow Italian. It seems expensive right off the top, but it is way cheaper in the long run than a tutor. It has a couple people reading the news slowly in Italian as well as the transcripts. There are also grammar lessons and quizzes. I think it will be pretty helpful.
  9. Weekend plans? Tonight is a cooking class at church. I’m planning to spend Saturday cooking, doing a ginormous meal prep and putting it all in my nice new freezer. On Sunday, I will clearly not being doing anything. Here’s to a productive weekend!

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