Weekend things


So tell me, do you like the blog’s facelift? I was trying to make it easier to use. Tell me if it’s doing weird things, mmkay?

So on to the weekend.

You know how sometimes weekends don’t go quite as planned? This was one of those weekends, but in a good way.

On Friday, we went out in search of a place to pay our (slightly late) gas bill, had pancakes for dinner, and talked to (Great) Grandma Betty on skype. I finished the book I was reading and experienced that “book hangover” feeling. You know what I’m talking about? That time when you were so involved in your book, but now it’s done and nothing else is interesting, but you really want to read something! Yeah, that was me. I tried about 3 books before finally settling on a P.G. Wodehouse.

A friend and his colleague were in town this weekend, so on Saturday we went to the Amalfi Coast, of course. We were trying to count how many times we have gone out there and we got stumped at 15. We really love it. See the picture above? Do you blame us? This trip included a stop in Sorrento for limoncello, the Italian lemon liquor, and some souvenir shopping. Then it was on to Positano, Amalfi, and finally dinner at a really good restaurant we stumbled upon with some friends a few years ago. It’s been raining off and on lately, but Saturday was perfect. We could not have chosen a better day to go!

Sunday morning it was pouring rain again, but we slogged our way to church and were blessed, as always. Have I told you how much we love our church? Coming back to Naples was like coming home, and coming back to our church was like coming back to family. Anyway, after a nice frozen pizza for lunch, I got cooking. Literally. I made 11 meals to put in the freezer, plus a large batch of meatballs with hidden veggies (because toddlers) and baked chicken strips. I didn’t get everything on my list made, but that’s okay. Today’s another day!

How was your weekend?


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