What I’ve been pinning

I go through phases with Pinterest. Sometimes I find it super inspirational and sometimes I find it overwhelming. Sometimes I spend lots of time finding new stuff, sometimes I think “I just can’t”. I think this was a I-just-can’t month. Even so, here are a few new ideas that I hope will inspire you.



I still haven’t done anything with my scraps, but I keep pinning things, in case I ever do! I like this one because it uses smaller scraps and most of my scraps are small.


Now that quilt is awesome. And it looks easy, just squares. All it would take is a little planning to get everything in the right order.


Giant baby over here has outgrown his baby hooded towels. I like the idea of them, but they are just too small. So why can’t I make some that are bigger? This site has a tutorial plus a ton of ideas.


Apparently all my food pinning brain power has been geared toward Operation Fill the Freezer. The only things I pinned are freezer meals here and here (this link has a ton of information about freezing stuff) and crockpot freezer meals here. I have an email from Pinterest with other freezer meal ideas that I haven’t gotten around to looking at. So stay tuned next month!



This outfit is so me! I did just buy shoes that color in Ireland.


This post about busy boxes. It reminds me of Montessori activities and I think it’s something that will be pretty useful soon.

30 meals to feed your 1 year old. Because this kid eats a lot.


I’m still toying with the idea of making another quiet book, one for an older toddler. The first one was so much work, though, so we shall see if it ever happens!


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