Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 11/04


  1. Last Saturday, we went to the Amalfi Coast and hiked the Sentiero dei Dei, or Walk of the Gods. We really love that hike. It is along the top of the mountains and oh, so beautiful. Ok, now for some trivia: How many times have we done this hike? (hint: Tim has done it more than I have)
  2. That picture was taken on a wine/nap break, while sitting on a pile of goat poop. Noah had fallen asleep in the backpack and we didn’t want to wake him up by clambering down the rocks on the next part of the trail. A perfect time for wine!
  3. After church on Sunday there was a potluck. The potlucks here are family style, but then you can walk around and people will offer you their food. I ended up eating at least 4 different kinds of pasta. I made brownies (from the box) and one guy liked then so much, he shook my hand!
  4. Sunday was like a miracle day for Noah. Not only did he stay in the nursery (with minimal crying), but he was following Tim around as he was sweeping and ended up walking all the way across the room. And during the potluck? He ate his lunch at the other end of the room, given to him by other people. Insert startled, wide-eyed emoji here.
  5. Both our cars are broken-ish again. Seriously, Naples?
  6. We got some Halloween candy, you know, just in case. No trick-or-treaters, though. Bummer, I guess we have to eat it ourselves!
  7. I found this recipe for dairy-free zucchini muffins so Noah can eat them. They are a huge hit! Also, since it makes 18 and he only eats one at a time, the rest can go in the freezer.
  8. I don’t know about you, but I am sure ready for this election to be over. Then people can go back to being angry at each other for things like the holiday Starbucks cups.
  9. I’m working on a couple sewing projects right now that are a little different. I can’t post about them until after Christmas, though, because they are presents. BUT if you you’d like some ideas, and the present isn’t for you, you can ask and I’ll give you a sneak preview.
  10. Answer to Walk of the Gods trivia: Tim-10 times, Anna- 6 times. I told you we love that hike!

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