Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 11/11


  1. I really love that picture. I took it four years ago at a festival we attended. It was such a great one, that we are going back this weekend. Obviously, we have to visit our olive oil guy. Also, I have been dreaming of those apples for years.
  2. Our internet was out from Monday evening until mid-afternoon Wednesday. It was frustrating and I ended up chattering endlessly to myself and watching both Gilmore Girls and The Office and reading an entire book. Hmm, maybe the internet takes up a lot of my time? BUT I’m also kind of glad it was out. When it finally came back on, I was dismayed at the amount of hate and ugliness on facebook. It’s not okay. We should not be allowed to degrade our friends because of differing opinions. God is in control anyway. End rant.
  3. I made this taco soup recipe the other day and it was ah-maz-ing! Super easy, too. If you make it with almond flour, it can be gluten free. I love eating soup in the fall/winter, and I’m planning to bolster up my recipe collection. Once I do, I’ll share.
  4. Noah didn’t get any of this soup because it is packed full of cheese and milk and butter. I’m doing some experimenting with lactose-free cheese, though. I got a shredded one at the commissary that is supposed to melt, but doesn’t. The shreds turn into concrete sticks. So tell me, what am I supposed to do with that?
  5. Yesterday afternoon, I was out walking Noah (in hopes he would take another nap!) and my neighbor invited me in. They don’t speak any English, but that was good practice for me! They have a son who is only two weeks older than Noah and they had a lot of fun playing together.
  6. At Noah’s 15 month appointment 3 weeks ago, the doctor expressed some concerns he had about his development. I wasn’t worried myself, but he planted the seed of doubt, ya know? Anyway, we got an evaluation done and he scored between 95 and 105 (with 100 being average) in every area. Whew!
  7. The evaluation scores were plotted on a standard bell curve. That reminds me of that time in grad school where I had to do all the calculations to plot points on a bell curve. Can I just say how much I hate standard deviations? Let’s hope if I ever have to do it, there will be a computer program to do it for me!
  8. I finally had a baby-free hour to get all my winter clothes out and put the summer ones away. I ended up weeding through stuff that doesn’t fit or is old or is way too immature for me. Something I am trying to remind myself of is that if I have nice, comfortable clothes, it doesn’t really take any more effort to put on something nice-looking rather than an old sweatshirt.
  9. Car number 2 is still being fixed, so I didn’t go anywhere except for Monday (base day, ugh!). I did get some sewing done, though. I finished the prototype for a Christmas present, ironed on some interfacing for the t-shirt quilt, and scrapbooked Germany and Switzerland. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, Noah is walking.
  10. I’m finally going to IKEA today. Wish me luck!

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