Eating… soup. Lots and lots of soup. I’m going to try out a couple more recipes and then I’ll do a post about soup. I promise.

Thinking… about how to use my time more efficiently. I end up spending all my time cleaning and doing other un-fun stuff. I really would love to spend more time reading and sewing.


Loving… how Noah is changing and becoming so fun. His little big personality is developing and it’s so fun to watch.

Wishing… I was more inspired, less tired. Also that the house would clean itself. Fair enough?

Working on… Christmas presents! I know it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but no judging! The mail can take a while from Italy, especially around the holidays, so I need to get Christmas presents off the first week in December or so. Yesterday I ordered a whole bunch of stuff and felt very accomplished. I’m also sewing some stuff, hence the need for more time.


Watching… I’m in season 6 of Gilmore Girls (the revival comes out next week!!!!!!), season 2 of Friends, and every now and then some of The Office. Nothing new, of course. We couldn’t get our AFN (military tv) box to work. That’s okay, tv is really kind of a waste of time, ya know?

Reading… This month is shaping up to be a good book month! I’ve already read two books, and I’m in the middle if three more, which will absolutely be finished by the end of November. We’re also going out of town next week, and I seem to always get lots of reading done then. Of note is that I am reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I’m not sure how I feel about it so far. It seems a little extreme, and the word “tidy” is starting to annoy me. Look for the full review at the end of the month.

Listening… to podcasts. How did I never know they existed before? They are great for while you’re sewing, especially if you are interested but not enthralled by it. I’ve been listening to Gilmore Guys (two guys talking about the show. Interesting from a guy’s perspective.) Also the Focus on the Family podcasts about marriage and families. And Rick Steves because he’s great.


Buying… Christmas presents. 20 kilos of potatoes, because Thanksgiving. A Noah-sized table and chair. Tons of towels (to cut up and sew with, obviously). Apples that are second only to Honeycrisps. Plane tickets to Malta.

What are you doing currently?


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