Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 11/18


  1. This is a cheap table from Ikea, but it’s perfectly Noah-sized. He is obsessed with it and when I added the wheel and latches, he was thrilled! There will also be a springy doorstop, but it’s in our current Amazon order, since Italians don’t use them.
  2. I’m a diehard no-Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving person. But I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas shopping and I’m finding it difficult to stay in fall when winter (and Christmas) is just around the corner. I’m doing well- I haven’t listened to Christmas music yet!
  3. When I was a kid, my favorite toy besides my American Girl doll was my Playmobil. I had two huge Victorian houses and lots of furniture and people and all their stuff. When I was looking for things to do in Malta, I discovered that there is a Playmobil factory there and they have tours! Is it lame that I really want to go? Do I care that it’s lame?
  4. My super nerdy Bible quizzing self is also pretty excited about going to Malta and seeing where Paul’s ship wrecked in Acts 27 and 28. By the way, did I ever tell you that we live in Puteoli (now called Pozzuoli), mentioned in Acts 28:13?
  5. Noah goes through cycles: eat a lot for a few days, then sleep a lot, then GROW. He’s in the sleeping stage right now. He’s 16 months old today, I have his 24 month clothes all ready for him. He’s a big kid!
  6. A week until the new Gilmore Girls!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
  7. It has been so cold lately. It ends up being significantly colder in the house than it is outside. Whenever I go anywhere, I am always way overdressed. I guess this winter is supposed to be extra cold. Global warming, anybody?
  8. There was a crazy storm the night before the festival last weekend. Just down the road from our house, we came across a big pile of snow and there was snow on the side of the road. What!!!
  9. Our church does a couple cultural events every year, American Thanksgiving being one of them. The event is tonight and we will be feeding about 250 people! Tim and I are helping out by making 20 kilograms (about 44 pounds!) of mashed potatoes. Fortunately, Noah decided to do some hardcore growing this morning and slept until 12:30!

Have a great weekend!


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