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DIY pacifier clips


This project is super fast, cute, and so very practical. I really love that kind of thing, don’t I? It’s no fun to be out in public and have a pacifier (or toy) thrown on the ground. These things help.

I made a few of these before Noah was born, but he wouldn’t take a pacifier for more than 30 seconds, and we had to hold it in his mouth. I’m pretty sure that was because of his lip tie, but we didn’t know that then. But then we were out and about and he kept throwing his O-ball (which I can’t find, and I figure it’s happily rolling around some hotel room in Ireland) out of his stroller. I attached one of these clips to it, clipped it to the stroller, and worried no more.

If you wanted to, you could even make it with double clips, one on each end, to hold things like loveys or taggy toys. When they get dirty, I just throw them in a mesh bag and put them in the washer. I don’t do high maintenance baby stuff, ya know?

For this project, you need some ribbon 3/4-1″ wide, some that is 1/8″ wide, and a clip. I got these clips, which worked great. They were really stiff at first, but loosened up a bit with use. Satiny ribbon is nice, but I prefer the grosgrain, which holds up nicely and is a little easier to sew.

  1. Cut the wide ribbon 8-12″ long. It depends on how long you want the leash to be. Keep in mind it loses about 2 inches. Then cut 5″ of the thin ribbon.
  2. Fold the wide ribbon over the bar on the clip, fold the raw edge under, and sew all the way around the edge.
  3. Fold the thin ribbon in half, hold it. Fold the unfinished end of the wide ribbon once, put the end of the thin ribbon on top. Turn the wide ribbon down once more, then bring the thin one up so the loop is sticking out the top. (Look below for a close-up of the finished end.) Pin it and sew around. And that’s it!

3 thoughts on “DIY pacifier clips

  1. I’ve been seeing these on Etsy lately and thought of making a few myself – thanks for the reminder! Yours turned out great! I need to look at clip options next time I’m at the craft store. ^_^


    1. Thanks! I made these ones for a craft fair. You don’t want to see the ones we actually use (yuck)! I ordered the clips from amazon because the fabric store didn’t have them. You might have good luck at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

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