Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 12/09


  1. I know this is a terrible quality picture, but this is life right now. I sent this picture to my mom and her comment was “At least the lamp is still standing.” True, true.
  2. When we moved into the house, we bought a playpen on Amazon and it’s been in a nook off the living room ever since. Noah has decided he hates “baby jail” and I haven’t put him in there for at least a month. A couple days ago, I realized it was just wasting space. So I took it down and now he has a play area, which he loves. It also keeps the toys out of the main living area. Win-win!
  3. This week, a bunch of people are getting together to sew simple blankets for the kids in a local orphanage for Christmas. I think it’s close to 50 blankets and it will be amazing if we can get them all done!
  4. I finished all my sewing projects that are presents yesterday, I’m mailing everything off today (hopefully), and then I can finally start decorating for Christmas! Did you see my Christmas pins post the other day? I’m excited to try out some new ideas!
  5. When I say I’m mailing everything today, it probably will take all day. I still have to wrap everything, drive to the base (35 minutes away), put everything in boxes, and fill out customs forms. Then send it all on its way, hoping it makes it there by Christmas. Which our cards will not, since we haven’t received them yet, despite ordering them mid-November.
  6. Last night we went to dinner at a friend’s house and I made this Buttery Honey Beer Bread. It’s so good!
  7. Is it just me and my Euro washer and dryer, or is laundry never-ending? I have a pile on the floor of the laundry room that is the if-there’s-room pile. Today I washed a beach towel last used in August. Mama mia!
  8. I was reading this article about how the author is scared to leave her kids in a locked car for a minute when she goes to pay for gas or go to the ATM. She’s scared because someone might call the police on her. A few months ago, I got my kid strapped in, and then realized I needed to take the cart back to the front of the store. It was 60° and raining and I was on a military base, so I just left him in the car. I even ran there and back in about 30 seconds, but I wasn’t fast enough to avoid the wrath of the lady in the car next to me. All I can think is that people who do this kind of thing must never have had kids! And what do people with a toddler and a baby do?
  9. We are starting to notice that Noah is trying to talk and some of his trying actually sounds like words! I swear he’s said “I’m done”. I love watching (and hearing) him grow!
  10. Tim is taking some leave for a staycation the week before Christmas. I’m planning some fun Christmasy/holiday activities, but I’m still a couple ideas short. Does anyone have any ideas? (Remember we don’t live where it snows!)

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