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Toddler Christmas tree


I’ve seen some versions of a toddler Christmas tree floating around, between friends on Facebook and Pinterest. I’m guessing that the hope is that if you give toddlers their own tree with ornaments to rearrange to their little hearts’ desire, then maybe they’ll leave the big tree alone. Now, as I’ve said before, we don’t have a tree because it’s hard to find live ones in Italy and fake ones are just so… fake. So I really can’t say if this does the job, but it’s super cute and fun for the toddler!

Most toddler trees I have seen are a tree of green felt hung on the wall and felt ornaments. This works because felt sticks to other felt, but comes off easily. This type of tree can be made even without sewing anything! Polka dots or stripes can be glued on to the ornaments with tacky glue.

I am going a different direction, however. We have a mini fridge in our living room, even though it isn’t plugged in. A few years ago, when we lived in Italy the first time, our house had two floors, connected by an elevator that we shared with our neighbor. The kitchen and living room were on different floors and Tim insisted it was too much work to get in the elevator if he wanted a beer. So we bought a beer fridge for the living room. I did say no to his desire for a toaster oven in the living room, though.

Anyway, that beer fridge is just sitting there, being unhelpful. So why can’t I make a magnetic toddler tree? I wanted to use washi tape, but our selection was pretty sparse. I was able to find some green masking tape and some polka dot washi tape. Viola, a tree!

The first ornaments I tried were just little wooden trees and snowflakes with a magnet hot glued on the back. But the first time they got dropped, the magnet popped off the back. Fail. It needed to be something soft to absorb the shock of falling on the tile floor. So I ended up sewing them out of felt and then hot gluing the magnet on the back. It worked!


There are two ball ornaments, a heart, an owl, a Christmas tree, and a gingerbread man. I used two layers of felt to make it sturdier, sewed them together with embroidery floss, and they are decorated with bits of ribbon and buttons. It wasn’t the quickest project, but the ornaments took a morning to make. And it’s so fun!

Have you ever made one of these trees?


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