Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 12/16


  1. On Wednesday, a bunch of us got together to sew blankets for the kids in a local orphanage for Christmas. It was such a neat experience to get to take part in that! I made five blankets, and this was my favorite.
  2. We had an office Christmas party on Saturday at somebody’s house downtown. On the way back to the car, I noticed the shopping center that supposedly had a fabric store in it. So we went searching and found it! But… want to guess how much quilting fabric was? That’s right, 20€ a meter. I think I’ll order fabric, thank you very much!
  3. On the way home from that party, the car broke again. This time, we only had 3rd and 4th gears. But those really are the most useful (with the exception of reverse) and we were able to drop it off at the mechanic on Sunday. We’re using a different guy this time, and hopefully it will get fixed better than last time! We were planning to take it in anyway, we just hadn’t gotten around to it.
  4. The last time Tim went to Germany for work, he brought back these amazing turtle cookies. I looked around on Pintrest, hoping to find something similar. I found these chocolate turtle cookies that were so good! I made them on a Friday evening a couple weeks ago, and the batch barely lasted through the weekend. Tim was eating them straight off the cookie sheet. That’s how good they were.
  5. The power went out for about 10 minutes on Monday, right at 7 am. All the Americans in our neighborhood were just leaving for work, and we couldn’t figure out how to get the gate open. Tim was getting a ride (because the car was in the shop), so he ended up climbing over the gate and I threw his stuff over after him. Once the power came back on, the alarm in the empty apartment next door started going off. It went off for 2 hours, until I remembered another neighbor had keys and could turn it off.
  6. About 3 years ago when we were living in Bahrain, I had a momentary brain fart and plugged our 110v printer into the wall instead of the transformer. It died spectacularly with some fireworks and a puff of stinky smoke. I figured, oh well, it only printed in pink stripes anyway. Since then, we have not had a printer, always getting by with Tim printing stuff at work. But we’ve gotten stuck a few times, ending up driving an hour to print boarding passes or a packing label. That happened for the last time on Friday, and I was so frustrated that I bought a used printer for $40. Win! I’ll try not to blow this one up.
  7. Noah has always been pretty clingy, crying when I would walk away from him or following when I would go into another room. I kept hoping that he would start playing by himself when he crawled, then when he walked… He’s finally starting to do that! That play area has make a huge difference. He’ll sit over there and play by himself for a long time now. He has also gotten more social, playing with other kids at church and exploring by himself. Hooray!
  8. Everybody back home is posting pictures of their snow. I must admit, I’m a little jealous.
  9. Yesterday was Tea Day. Now that’s my kind of holiday!
  10. I woke up at 4 this morning with some sort of nasty flu. So please pray that it’s quick and for the strength to be a mom through this! The last time I had anything like this was 7 years ago and I didn’t have a small person depending on me then.

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