Christmas favorites


It’s six days until Christmas! Do you like my nativity set? It has a Pulcinella, the traditional Neapolitan joker-like character. He’s bringing a pizza… he’s useful like that. Mary was probably hungry, ya know? Santa is also included. I saw a skit once about Santa worshiping the baby Jesus and it struck me as very powerful. Besides, Saint Nicholas was a religious character once upon a time.

I was nominated to do this Christmas favorites by Valerie. I love Christmas and the holiday season, so this will be fun!

What is your favorite Christmas film? Hmm, probably Miracle on 34th Street. We watched it again last week and it almost “convinces” me every time. Also A Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out” and “Fraaa-giii-lllay, must be Italian.”) and Elf. And for sweet romances, The Holiday. Tim and I went to see that movie in the theater in Canada 10 years ago, the day before we started dating.

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Yup! I’ve also had a white-Christmas-while-getting-stuck-in-the-ditch. It looks like “home” is getting a white Christmas this year, and I must admit I’m a little jealous.

Where do you usually spend your holiday? The last three years and the years before moving overseas we spent with Tim’s family in Oregon. But this year, we’re staying home and we’ll be celebrating with our military and church family.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Can I just say I love all Christmas music? “Agnus Dei”, “A Strange Way To Save the World” (if you haven’t heard it, click here. It’s wonderful.) Pentatonix’s “Mary Did You Know”. I grew up listening to Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas CD, so really, anything on that makes me feel Christmasy. And finally, Reliant K’s “Twelve Days of Christmas”, because it’s the least annoying version I have ever heard.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? This has been a bone of contention ever since we got married. Tim and his family were always Christmas Eve people and my family are Christmas Day people. On years we are by ourselves, we usually open one present on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas day. I think it really depends on if we have family around to spend Christmas with.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Nope… I keep going over it in my head and I’m missing two or three.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year? We don’t really have many traditions. We’ve traveled the last three Christmases, and this is our first year in our own house with a kid, especially one who is old enough to kind of understand what’s happening. I think eventually we’ll combine traditions from our own childhoods and tweak then to fit us and our lifestyle.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Unfortunately, we don’t have a tree. It’s expensive and downright ridiculous to get a live tree in Italy and fake trees are just so… fake. Besides, we have a toddler. I don’t know how long a tree would last. I supposed I could put it in the playpen he refused to play in.

What is your all time favorite holiday food/sweet treat? My mom’s Swedish coffee breads. When we live stateside, she mails them to us, but no such luck here. She tells me every year that I could just make them myself, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better? Can I say both? I really like getting gifts (heh, heh), but giving them is fun, too. I love the looks on people’s faces when I’ve found the perfect gift for them.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received? Maybe when I got my Playmobil house when I was 8? Or when I got an extended Christmas break (because of snow) and Tim came home from deployment a couple days before Christmas.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? Somewhere warm. We talked about going to Morocco, but then decided to stay here. After all, we love the Christmas season in Italy. Tim will actually be taking leave and we’ll be doing fun stuff like going to Salerno for the lights, watching movies, playing games, and maybe going downtown to soak in the festive spirit.

Are you a pro-present wrapper or do you fail miserably?  When I worked at the Christian bookstore in college, I wrapped stuff all the time, so I got pretty good at it. However, I caught Tim unwrapping a present early one year, so his stuff doesn’t go out until the last minute. Haha!

Most memorable holiday moment? December 29th, 2007- I was visiting Tim and we were at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. It was all lit up for Christmas and so beautiful and sparkly. Tim was planning to propose on New Year’s Eve (during the Space Needle fireworks), but he chose to do it a couple days early at Buchart Gardens, instead!

What made you realize the truth about Santa? I never believed in Santa. It’s just the way my family was.

What makes the holidays special for you? Family, the food, the festive atmosphere, the music, everything! I love Christmas!


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