2016 photo year in review

Oh 2016, what a year it has been! This is kind of a replacement for Christmas cards, since the cards I ordered still aren’t here. However, a few extremely lucky people will get a card, probably around Valentine’s Day. How festive!


2016 started out with a miracle. As we were driving home from Idaho, Tim accidentally rolled the car window up on his finger and lost his wedding ring. It was dark, about 0°, and snowing. Fortunately, the highway was deserted, so he ran up and down the side of the road with me following and shining the brights. We actually found his ring in a rumble strip!


Noah turned 6 months old in January. Side note: that bear (whose name is Bear) is now his favorite.



In February, my best friend came to visit and meet Noah. We hiked in Big Sur and went to the aquarium.


I joined the 21st century and bought a (used) iPhone. The camera was terrible and got replaced.



In March, I had pink hair for about 2 weeks (before it all washed out)!


This month was incredibly busy. Tim was finishing up his thesis, and I was washing, sorting, and packing. I made some somewhat disgusting meals with the food left in our pantry. On March 23, we did our pack out, then camped out in our house for almost a week.



Tim made it to Italy, and Noah and I went to San Francisco, then back south to my mom’s. We spent about two weeks with her, while we waited for our visas to come through, and had a great time. We spent a fair amount of time FaceTiming with Tim. We finally arrived on April 15th. The next couple of weeks were a jet lag blur.


One huge thing that happened in May was that Noah’s eczema cleared up. We had been struggling with it since December and it was really severe. It got so bad at one point that his hair started falling out. But messed up plumbing and a few days with no baths cleared it right up.

Around the middle of the month, we moved into our house, but because of a train strike in Belgium, we had to have loaner furniture for about 3 weeks.


Then Tim had to go to Cyprus for work, so Noah and I tagged along. It was also Noah’s first experience in a swimming pool. I think he liked it.



We rented a boat and went out to some of the islands off the coast here. Baby’s first boat ride!


We finally got our household goods, and I discovered how hard it is to unpack a house with a baby.


Later in the month, Tim went to Greece for work, and again Noah and I tagged along. We visited Crete and Santorini. (Don’t mind my hair, it was windy. Also, check out the chunk rolls on that baby!)


In July, I started bogging again! It has been really fun. It has also forced me to get out of my lazy, non-sewing rut.

And then on the 18th, Noah turned one! He was a little confused by his cake, but eventually the sugar rush kicked in.


August was lame. It was hot and we didn’t go anywhere. There are no pictures, at least not ones you want to see.


Noah got his first haircut. My birthday was Labor Day weekend, and Tim planned a surprise trip down to Lecce (all the way at the bottom of Italy’s “heel”).


At the end of the month, we met Tim’s brother in Ireland and traveled around for two weeks. It was so beautiful and we had a great time! It was also really fun for Noah to get to spend time with his uncle.



Noah finally started walking!  It seemed like a great time to introduce him to the park.

Tim was away on travel for part of October. We bought a new car, which was lucky because the first car broke a couple days later.


At the end of the month, we did Sentiero degli Dei (Walk of the gods), our favorite hike along the top of the Amalfi Coast. We didn’t do the whole thing, probably because we kept stopping for wine and cheese breaks.



The week of Thanksgiving, we went to Malta. We rode those little tourist trains and visited the Popeye Village, where they filmed the movie in the 1980’s.



Christmas day we had a really fun lunch with friends, and Santa showed up!

This year has been very eventful. I am so excited to see what new adventures 2017 has in store for us!


2 thoughts on “2016 photo year in review

  1. What a fantastic recap!! I loved reading through your year and seeing such fun pictures. ^_^ You have such a joyful smile, and your son seems to have inherited it from you as well!
    “But messed up plumbing and a few days with no baths cleared it right up.” – Seriously? That’s incredible! How often do you give him a bath now? My six month old has eczema, too, and it makes me so sad.😦


    1. Thank you! It was fun to see how far we have come in a year!

      I only bathe him ever 3-4 days or when he smells. Eczema can be made worse by too much bathing because it dries out the skin even more. In his case, it was caused by lactose, but made worse by too many baths. Also, using a heavy-duty non-scented lotion (we use Cera-Ve) really helped. I’m sorry your little girl has eczema, it’s no fun!


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