Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 12/30


  1. We got Noah a first words book, but in Italian. The book is huge, almost as tall as he is. It is a great vocabulary resource for all of us!
  2. Our car got fixed this week, so hooray, we have two cars again! Well, briefly, until the other one goes back to the mechanic after Epiphany. It’s never ending, am I right?
  3. You wouldn’t think of southern Italy as getting cold, but it does. It has been right around freezing at night and yesterday it didn’t even get up to 50°. We did figure out the radiators, but they are expensive to run. So I think the fireplace will be the way to go.
  4. I finally hung some pictures on the wall in Noah’s room just this morning. I have been planning to do it since the summer, but never got around to it. It looks so nice and really livens up his room.The plaster walls here make it difficult to hang things, but Command hooks to the rescue!
  5. Noah found one of Tim’s frisbee shirts and dragged it around for a while. Then he went into the kitchen for a bit (and was suspiciously quiet), and came out wearing Daddy’s shirt. He put it on himself, and the right way! He happily wore it around, even though it was so long he kept tripping on it.
  6. I got motivated this week and started ironing on interfacing to the tshirt squares that I have had cut out since August. I kept thinking it would just take sooooo long, but really, once I started the ironing, it has been going very quickly. I should be done this weekend! Then the real fun begins, sewing it together.
  7. I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking about cleaning, tidying, and reducing the amount of stuff we have. I am in the early stages, but the small amount I have done is so satisfying.
  8. Have you been seeing how everyone is referring to 2016 as “the worst year ever”? I don’t really agree, which is probably because, to quote a friend, “I’m not as emotionally invested in the lives of celebrities as my peers.” In fact, I rather enjoyed 2016.
  9. Do you have plans for this weekend? We are going to a Noon Year’s Eve party, which is nice and kid-friendly. Then the Italians are very into fireworks, so midnight on New Year’s Eve is like 4th of July, but everywhere all at once. I love it! We are going up on the neighbor’s roof and should have a pretty good view from there.
  10. Enjoy the last couple days of the year and happy 2017!

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