December books


Well, December was kind of busy and I didn’t read much. That’s okay, I read a couple long books and I enjoyed the books I did read. They were mostly a little richer than I usually read, so I have been content to soak in my books.

Deck the Halls by Emily Harvale. Such a cute book! I got it on my kindle, as my one Amazon library book for the month. I was craving a Christmas book and this did it for me. Harriet Hall came home to England from where she was living in Australia for Christmas. Her family had hinted that their family home, The Hall, was in slightly more disrepair than when she had left two years before. Harriet’s boyfriend and his family were coming to spend the holidays with her family, so she went home earlier to try to fix up the house. It turned out to be a little more difficult than expected, and her boyfriend not quite what she expected either. Great book, engaging, and a fun holiday read.

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I know what the title sounds like, but this book isn’t really like that. Cannie Shapiro was a journalist, living her life until the boyfriend she had broken up with three months before wrote an article in a national magazine (for the column “Good in Bed”, hence the title) tagging her as a “larger woman”. Cannie was mortified, but it set in motion a string of events that caused her to come to terms with her past, make peace with the present, and take her future in her own hands. I really enjoyed this book! Of course, there were some blush-worthy parts to it, but with a title like that, what do you expect? It was a great book of redemption, forgiveness, and letting go.

I am currently reading Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. I don’t feel bad that I haven’t finished it (I am on page 400 of 500). Her books are so rich, the characters so developed, that it is like being transported into another world. And that’s what books should be, right? So I’m taking my time and loving it.

A few days ago, I also started reading Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. It is part devotional, part guided cleaning/purging of the house. I think it will be great and just what I need to help me get my house in order.

What are you reading?


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