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Teapot cozy


Back in September, we spent two weeks in Ireland. It was a fantastic trip and we stayed in bed and breakfasts the whole time. Because why not? Also they give you tea with breakfast. Our tea always came out in a teapot, which started Tim on his latest teapot craze. But one B&B in Dingle put a tea cozy on the teapot. And it was amazing. Our tea stayed hot longer and we ended up lingering over breakfast more than usual.

Looking at that tea cozy, I realized it would be so easy to replicate. And wouldn’t it be the perfect Christmas present for my mom? Absolutely. So when I got home, I did some searching on pinterest, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I did some measuring (fortunately we have the same teapot), some thinking, and made one for myself first (samples are important when you’re not quite sure what you are doing). It worked!

Now we have hot tea all the time. And so does my mom. And so can you. The measurements I am giving are for an average size teapot. If you have an extra big one or an extra small one, feel free to adjust.

For materials, you need some quilt batting and a couple different kinds of fabric- a pattern and a solid. Cut two rectangles from each fabric to 10″ by 11″. Then cut out one circle from each fabric with a diameter of 7″. I traced the edge of a salad plate and it was the perfect size. Cut two rectangles and a circle from the batting.

Stack the solid fabric, the patterned fabric (facing down, so the wrong side is facing you), and then the batting for all three parts. Pin, leaving a space for turning and sew. Turn the pieces right side out. Tuck the open part in, pin all the way around and sew again, close to the edge.


On the bottom of the two rectangles, pinch four 2-3″ long pleats and sew. This makes it a little bit rounded so it’s easier to sew it to the round bottom.


Then flip the rectangles upside down, place the round part on the pleats, and pin. Sew all the way from the corners. It will look really weird, but it works out in the end. There will be a weird amount of rectangular side sticking off the bottom, but it actually looks good when you put the teapot in it. I promise.


Do this on both sides. It will look like a giant bow.


This pattern does not get sewn on the top, so you need something to secure it with. Here, you have options. I made two of these and did two different ties. I’m not sure which I liked better. The one I made for myself, I sewed a tube, threaded thin elastic through it, and sewed it closed. It’s okay. I think I needed a longer fabric tube and shorter elastic. Meh. For this one, I took thin elastic, cut ribbon to the length of the stretched elastic, and zigzaged it on. Again, okay. It’s cute if you don’t look too closely. You could also go the no-sew route and tie it up with a nice long ribbon.


Now go drink some tea!



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