Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 1/06


  1. New Year’s Eve is an event here. The local fireworks factory makes it easy for everyone to get their own fireworks. At midnight, and for as long as two hours after, everybody does their own personal fireworks displays. I don’t mean just sparklers and the ones that go two feet off the ground. Oh no, it’s like a good ol’ Fourth of July from EVERY HOUSE. Amazing.
  2. On Saturday, we went to a Noon Year’s Eve party. It was super fun! They rigged up shower curtains filled with balloons on the ceiling and let them go at noon. Noah loves balloons, so he was in heaven. But seriously, what a fun idea for kids!
  3. Winter has hit, for realsies. It’s supposed to get below freezing tonight and for the next few nights,  with highs only in the 30’s. Tile floors, high ceilings, leaky doors, and an inefficient heating system make it feel way colder than it really is. Also, the 20+ mph winds aren’t helping. Of course, I say all this when my family and friends back home are being pummeled with more snow than they’ve had in 30 years and temperatures that are going below 0. So I guess I can’t complain!
  4. I found a wool sweater that I bought in Ireland 10 years ago. It isn’t very fashionable, but man is it warm. I also bought fingerless gloves on a whim a few months ago. Best. Decision. Ever.
  5. I’ve mentioned before how I am wanting to do some major purging of the stuff in our house. It is one of those things that is a great idea, but is super overwhelming, and I had no idea where to start. BUT I started reading a book I had gotten back in the fall called Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. It is part devotional, part guided cleaning/purging. I finished the kitchen yesterday, and every time I walk in, I say “Man, my kitchen is clean!” Even Tim noticed. It makes me excited to do the rest of the house!
  6. Last week, I told you that I finally put pictures up in Noah’s room. Well, I liked it so much, that I’m starting to put them up in the living room, too. We have started collecting art when we travel, so we have a pretty good collection. It has all been stacked on the mantle, but now the lighter ones are going to go on the walls. I don’t really want to put the ones in frames on the walls because our area is very volcanic and prone to earthquakes, but the canvases and other unbreakables are going up.
  7. I dug out the quilted wall hanging we got in Amish country many years ago and stuck that up on a giant empty wall. It’s pretty, inspiring for me, and maybe it will provide some extra insulation! Now I should make one, right?
  8. Have you guys tried overnight oats? I know I’m way behind, but I’m just discovering them. I love that they are super filling AND easy. Tim can take them to work, and it’s better than his usual breakfast of raw oats in milk (yuck!).
  9. It is so fun to watch Noah grow up and change. He is now shaking his head yes and no and making it obvious when he wants something. He has started playing well with other kids, and he gives hugs on demand. That’s probably my favorite. Sometimes he even adds in a little pat on the back. Heart melting!
  10. Any plans for the weekend? We might brave the cold and go to this great live nativity. Italians are very serious about their nativity sets, so the live ones are pretty epic. Today is Epiphany, so all the Christmas stuff is still going on. Other than that, I plan to work on staying warm! Happy Friday!

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