A resolution and a goal checkup


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Did you make one/some this year? If so, how are you doing? What are you using to motivate yourself to keep your resolutions?

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, mainly because they seem to me to be “do or fail” and “change all at once”. Who does that, anyway? Don’t you know it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit? Failing at a resolution one day feels like the ultimate failure, so why even try to get back with it? Goals, on the other hand, are more of a work in progress. They allow for slip-ups, for the occasional failure (we’re only human, after all!). They are an encouraging hug and a “keep trying”.

This being said, I did make a resolution this year. That is to get my home in order. I feel like I have been living in a constant state of clutter, and it keeps getting worse. My house doesn’t feel comfortable, like a home. I feel unsettled, overwhelmed by the constant cleaning. A big part of getting my home in order (and ultimately my life) is developing a workable routine that still gives me the time to do the things I love to do.

I read some stuff about living a minimalist lifestyle, but I know that true minimalism really isn’t for me. I just can’t get rid of ALL my stuff! I mean, Marie Kondo recommends getting rid of any book that isn’t a favorite and keeping only 30ish. Absolutely not! The recommendations for capsule wardrobes are only keeping 5 shirts you love and wearing them over and over. Again, I would hate that, get bored, and buy stuff I don’t really like or need. But I can take what I want from all these things, do some purging of the things we don’t use or need, and still feel the benefits.

Now on to my goals. Back in August, when I started my new planner for the year, I set some personal growth goals. I haven’t shared my progress lately, so here we go.

Daily devotions. Hooray, I’ve been doing this! I have really been enjoying it, too. Getting into the Word and other inspirational books first thing in the morning has really helped to ground me for the day. Right now I’m doing a book that is part devotional, part guided cleaning. A resolution and a goal together!

More cooking. This goal is kind of nebulous, but that’s okay. I can change my focus based on my current needs. I have been pretty good about making new recipes, many of which we really enjoy. But now I’m feeling the urge to cut down on the amount of time I spend making dinner, because isn’t family more important? I didn’t really love any of the freezer meals I made, so I’m working on filling the freezer with prepared ingredients (tomato sauce, shredded chicken, taco meat) to cut down on the time it takes to make dinner. I’m also trying to use the crock pot more (get my money’s worth out of my 220v one!). And making a master list of meals we love is helpful for meal planning and prep.

Sewing and blog. The blog, great; sewing, getting better. I recently made the decision to use my time better (get going faster in the morning and do some cleaning when Noah is awake) so I can work on sewing projects during his naps. I’ve gotten a lot done! So that is something I need to keep up.

Pilates 3 times a week. Fail. But isn’t that the beauty of goals? I can fail, but still redeem myself!

Read 100 books. Totally unrealistic. But even if I don’t make it, which I won’t, that’s okay because I have read more than in previous years. I think I’ll probably end up reading about 50. Still great!

Get conversational in Italian. Let me whine for a minute… Italian is hard! You basically have to plan out the entire sentence to make sure it all matches up. Ok, whining done. I have been powering through an Italian book and I’m almost done. All other books I’ve tried, I’ve quit halfway through, so that’s something. I guess once I finish this book, I can go back to the other books!

Make mommy friends. It always takes a while to get comfortable with new friends when we move. I feel like now I’m getting a great circle of friends. I have a wonderful small group bible study that I have been going to (without Noah) and it is so nice to spend time with other women, encouraging each other. I’m still not doing play dates or anything like that, but I think it goes back to my resolution. Getting my home in order frees up time to go places, spend time with friends and family, etc.

Have Noah adventure time. Again, fail. I mean, we go to the park sometimes, we go on walks in our parco, etc, but it’s been so cold! It’s challenging to find indoor activities that are within a reasonable distance. But I’ll still try!


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