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Lately, I’ve been…


I have a lot of projects going right now. Maybe too many, because I have yet to finish something! Ha ha!


I’ve been scrapbooking stuff from trips we have taken. There’s only 8 years’ and about 25 countries’ worth. I only have our Ireland trip and the six countries from our southeastern Asia trip left. Good thing, too, because my binder is getting full!

I was listening to a podcast the other day about clearing out clutter. The person said “Keep what you care about, and care about what you keep.” I’ve been keeping all the stuff we get on vacation (brochures, maps, ticket stubs), but it was in fairly unorganized bags and stuffed in a box. Through this scrapbooking project, I am getting rid of the useless stuff, keeping the important stuff, and putting it into a format that we can look at and remember the wonderful times we’ve had.


I got motivated and ironed on all the interfacing to the t-shirt squares for the quilt I’m working on. They’ve all been squared off and are ready to sew together! For as quickly as it went, it took a surprisingly long time. And I finally bought a full-sized ironing board. How have I been sewing for so long with only a tabletop ironing board? It seriously makes all the difference.


I’ve been hanging stuff on the walls. It really makes the house feel so much homier. And it makes the mantle way less cluttered. I’m starting to wonder why it took me so long!


I’ve been cleaning, purging, and organizing. I did the kitchen first, and the transformation is really pretty amazing. I wish I had taken a before picture, but use your imagination- there was junk stacked in front of all those shelves and the shelves were overflowing. This project also saw me on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. I cleaned the bathroom, too, but it doesn’t really look any different, and now I’m on to the living room. This is the important one!

You don’t want to see a picture of this, but…

I’ve been filling my freezer! I’m making a lot of pre-cooked ingredients, in hopes that it makes cooking dinner easier and faster.

What have you been working on lately?


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