Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 1/13


  1. After bragging about my clean kitchen the other day, this happened. Sigh. Such is life.
  2. Last weekend, we had planned to go to an outdoor living nativity. But it was below freezing, and we decided to spend the evening playing games in front of the fireplace instead. Turns out card games are more difficult with a toddler around. Who knew?
  3. We subscribe to diapers and wipes from Amazon for three reasons: It’s cheaper, we don’t have to go to the grocery store, and we don’t ever run out. Anyway, usually they are shipped separately and just in the Luvs or Pampers box, but this month, they stuck them in one giant box. Noah was all over it before we even opened it. And since then, he’s spend HOURS playing in the box. He even let me clean without undoing everything I just did!
  4. I finished cleaning the living room yesterday, with a heavy-duty floor cleaning. Like moving the couch and vacuuming under the area rugs. When I was sweeping under the table, I found a piece of the glass magnet Noah dropped and broke a month ago. I guess I should probably clean under there more often!
  5. Sometimes our mail is really slow getting here. Like we still don’t have the Christmas cards we ordered in November. When we finally do get them, I’m still sending them out, even if they are Memorial Day cards (most likely Valentine’s Day). This happened a few years ago, so we just sent them out the next year. But we can’t do that now because Noah will look so different by then!
  6. Have you ever had one of those cooking epiphanies? You know, you accidentally do something and then wonder why you haven’t always done it that way? I’ve been wanting to precook a bunch of chicken, shred it, and freeze it to make dinners easier. I used to always cook it in batches in frying pans, but it was messy and dried out. I made some chicken in the crock pot the other day and it was fantastic, so I just dumped a bunch in and let it go. Totally low maintenance, it came out super moist, and shredded so easily. Now I have four bags of shredded chicken. Definitely high-fiving myself!
  7. Have you ever read a book where you just dislike all the main characters and everything they do, but the book in general is still keeping your interest? I’m almost finished with such a book. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it in my January book reviews.
  8. In the next week or so, I’m planning to cash in my “day of shopping” coupon I got for Christmas. Gotta take advantage of those January sales! Now, I know that may sound contrary to the purging of stuff I’ve been doing. But actually, it isn’t. I’m not going to buy things I don’t really like or need just because it’s cheap. What I am planning to do is to find some clothing items (and maybe a purse) that I love that will fill out my wardrobe. Why shouldn’t I wear clothes I love? Looking at my closet right now, I have a lot that I would call “serviceable” and “fine”, but not a lot that I love. So that’s my goal.
  9. Do you have any fun weekend plans? Tim has a 4-day weekend, but I’m not sure what we’re doing yet. We’ve got a couple ideas, but no firm plans yet.

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