Mixed feelings


Oh my gosh, you guys, my sewing machine died.


I was having a bad day, went to sew because it always cheers me up, and my sewing machine broke!

I’m not sure if using it on the transformer so much (4+ years) wore out the motor, or if something happened inside. We can’t get it open. It kept getting slower and slower and then it just plain froze up. The wheel used to move the needle by hand is completely frozen.

To be honest, it had been acting up lately. Like the needle was dragging on the plate or something. The tension was also kind of funky. Maybe it got jostled too much in the move? Bummer, though, because I just got it serviced and in top shape right before shipped all our stuff. Last month I’d mentioned in passing that maybe I should get a 220v machine at some point. Maybe I hurt its feelings?

For Christmas, Tim had given me a coupon for either a shopping trip or a new sewing machine. He even did a bunch of research and found a good one for a good price. ♥♥ It’s definitely a step up- it has 170 different stitches and does automatic button holes! And it’s 220v, so I can plug it directly into the wall.

I had originally chosen the shopping trip, expecting my machine to last forever. But I took it back (amid a flood of tears, let’s be honest here) and said I wanted the sewing machine. So it’s been ordered, and I even still get the shopping trip. He knows the way to my heart.

The current plan is to keep my Viking and see about getting it fixed when we get back to the States. Otherwise, I’ll have to buy another 110v machine once we settle down.

Here’s where the mixed feelings come in. I’m going to miss my machine. We’ve been through a lot together. I can thread it with my eyes closed. I know its quirks. And the stupid bobbins don’t fit any other machines. BUT this new machine (technically the German Frister + Rossmann brand, but unlabeled so it’s cheaper) has so much to offer. I will be able to do fancy stitching on the binding of quilts. I could embroider letters onto things. I’ve always been afraid of buttonholes, but now it will do them for me. I’m excited to try new things!

You can be sad and happy at the same time, right? I’m not crazy?


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