Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 1/20


  1. No big deal, just reading in a box. Seriously, that Amazon box is still entertaining.
  2. I bought a steam mop the other day and I must say it’s the best option I’ve found (short of getting someone else to clean my floors). Unfortunately, I still have to sweep and dust mop or there is lots of residue left over. But my floors are clean and I’m not just swishing around dirty water like with a regular mop.
  3. I went shopping on Monday and got a few (grown-up) shirts, a pair of ankle boots, and some burgundy skinny pants, all on sale of course. People kept telling me totals in English and it surprised me every time. Until I realized that Italians don’t go shopping alone, so I MUST be American.
  4. There is this store called Tiger that is part dollar store, part Japanese junk store, and part craft store. It was safely only in the big mall, which is almost an hour away. But the last time I was grocery shopping at our little mall about 10 minutes away, I noticed they had opened a new Tiger store there. Uh oh, I’m in trouble now!
  5. All last weekend, my sweet boy was working on 3 molars at once. And we all know molars are the worst, right? Poor kid, he had a low-grade fever, slept non-stop, and ate almost nothing. That last part confounded us to no end, normally this kid eats like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately, it was short-lived and he’s back to eating again. Still no teeth, but that little episode is done.
  6. Speaking of his eating, he has gotten ridiculously picky. All food must be covered in tomato sauce, obviously. And now he wants to hold his own fork/spoon 90% of the time. Great… except he hasn’t learned how to hold it flat yet, so unless it is a food that can be speared, it’s a fight to get it in his mouth. Sigh. I hope this ends soon. I really just don’t have the patience for this! BUT (this is big!) I think he can eat dairy now! He has been eating it almost a week and no rashes. Hooray!
  7. My sewing machine took a couple days to be dispached (it’s coming from the UK 🙂 so it’s not supposed to be here until the end of next week. But I supposed it is a good thing, because I don’t have anything to distract me from my crazy cleaning/purging spree. I never imagined it would feel so good to get rid of stuff!
  8. I’m making this slow cooker butter chicken for dinner tonight. I have never attempted Indian food before, but we ran across an international grocery store downtown last week and I picked up some garam masala. We’ll see how it goes!
  9. The purpose of that downtown trip was to go to the Italian Christian bookstore and get Tim his birthday present (a nice Italian study Bible) that I promised him in March. Geez, self, way to be on top of things! We got not only a nice Bible, but also our favorite Provident films in Italian: FireproofCourageous, and Facing the Giants.
  10. Somebody small and busy woke up at 6:45 this morning, as opposed to his usual 9 am (or later). Thank goodness for Curious George so I could get a shower! I was planning to go to Ikea this morning to get another rug for Noah’s room (cold floors!) and then lunch with Daddy. But now he’s taking an early nap, so we’ll switch it up and do lunch and then Ikea. Yay, flexibility!

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