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God, in His faithfulness, knows just what we need. Today, He gave me what I needed.

I needed to go to the park with a friend.

I needed a skype date with another friend.

I needed time to sew.

I had a difficult morning, but He gave me the strength to carry on. And He gave me blessings along the way.

So here is what I’m working on. Gosh, I love being able to say that! I finally cleared a path and got my sewing machine set up. I tried out some of the stitches, worked on getting comfortable with it. I’m not going to show you the old pillowcase I practiced different stitches on. This sampler square I am working on is taking some time because I’m still not fully comfortable with my new machine. It’ll take time.


I’m doing a block out of the Quilt Block Cookbook. The sample in the book used a pretty pink for that center block and the corners. I was surprised to find that I don’t have that color of pink, only pastels. But that’s okay, I used orange and the black zig zag is the perfect match. This feels fabulous.

Using this machine makes me realize that though I loved my old machine, it was super obnoxious. This one doesn’t do any of my Viking’s weird things (sucking the fabric inside, pulling the thread out of the needle, etc.).

I still have that red, white, and blue block I made this fall. The book has ideas in the back for sampler quilts. I absolutely love this one called “Bounce” and I was thinking eventually I would use these blocks to make this wall hanging.


Isn’t that fun?


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